Scott Harris eyeglasses is a very unique eyewear collection. Designed and manufactured here in chicago Illinois. Designed by Scott Harris his motto is ” Eyewear should naturally fit both your face and personality, It should be unique enough to fit them both perfectly.”

Scott Harris Eyeglasses In Lincoln Park

The Scott Harris eyewear collection offers a wide variety of individual styles to choose from. Color plays an important role, accentuating the individual quirks in every pair eyeglasses. Scott Harris eyeglasses showcase fresh and timely styles. The eyewear collection includes Men’s, Women’s and many unisex frame styles. Whether you are looking for bold or sweet, the scott harris eyeglasses have everything you are looking for. Daring and chic the eyewear collection has the eyewear styles to get you there.

The eyewear collection is inspired by european designs sought after here in america. The quality craftmanship  is manufactured by a special team of eyewear fabricators here in chicago. The Scott Harris collection is crafted for the individuals who can appreciate how a piece of eyewear is art.

Scott Harris is a diverse collection of frames that feature unisex styling and the ultimate in high fashion designs for those seeking a unique look. Scott Harris is on the cutting edge of fashion. Whatever your look maybe, the collection has endless possibilities for your own statement. From a very casual to professional, playful to dramatic, edgy and refined, this collection has it all. The Scott Harris eyeglass collection also has a vintage collection called underground and a laser cut collection called Pulse. The Pulse collection is a group of very sleek eyewear pieces with a twist.

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