Polarized sunglass lenses have a built in filter to block out glare from the sun. This sunglass filter reduces so much of the glare that it allows far clearer vision in bright light. We are using a polarized sun lens call Xperio. We love the array of colors and mirrors Xperio uv has to choose from.

Xperio Polarized Sunglass Lenses

Xperio uv polarized prescription lenses are not your ordinary sunglass lens. They really help you see more clearly no matter what you are doing outside. Providing excellent clarity of your vision all while protecting your eyes with superior quality lenses. They consist of multiple colors, provide maximum uv protection and are very durable. They are very easy to clean with an integrated water repellent layer that resists fingerprints, dirt and debris. The scratch resistant coating withstands your outdoor activities.

Polarized sunglass lenses at Eye Mechanix Lincoln Park ChicagoThese polarized sunglass lenses are available in a variety of colors. They have the most colors of any polarized lenses. They are available in a variety of materials and prescriptions. These polarized sunglass lenses can also be made into a progressive multifocal lens. Xperio polarized polarized lenses allow the best in color perception and very sharp outdoor vision. Xperio uv polarized sunglass lenses have six different layers for excellent vision and protection from the sun. All these layers repel build up and smudging, very scratch resistant booster layer, uv protection and repel dust and dirt. The ultimate in uv protection which reduces the chance of cataract formation and other changes from the sun. Check out all of the color options.

When you are selecting a great new pair of sunglasses consider the Xperio polarized lenses. You will see more clear outdoors than you ever have before. I have included the selection of all the colors and mirrors to choose from.


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