You may have heard of contact lenses that gently reshapes the eye to correct or control your nearsightedness. This is commonly called orthokeratology or corneal reshaping contact lens therapy. Our chicago eye doctor is certified in orthokeratology. We have performed this corneal reshaping therapy for many of our patients. This is a gentle safe non-surgical option that allows patients to remove the contact lenses in the morning and enjoy clear vision all day. Studies have shown that corneal reshaping may slow the progression of myopia in children. It may not always slow or stop the progression but it may be worth trying and you will be able to see during the day.

How Orthokeratology Works To Reshape The Cornea

Orthokeratology is a non surgical solution for people with myopia. Orthokeratology contact lenses gently reshapes the cornea while you sleep to correct your nearsightedness. One of the causes of myopia is the front of the eye is steep. This increase in curvature cause light to focus in front of the retina. This causes blurry vision at distance. Orthokeratology gently flattens the curvature of your eye while you sleep. These lenses are specifically made to be worn at night and are very comfortable. When you wake up you remove these lenses and you should be able to see clearly. The contact lenses should be worn every night to fully correct for your nearsightedness.

Are You Right For Orthokeratology Corneal Reshaping

Orthokeratology contact lenses stop or slow down the progression of myopia. These type of contact lenses are a good choice for patients that don’t want to wear contacts during the day. If you find soft contact lenses are too irritating. If you are too young for Lasik or are not a good candidate for Lasik.

Contact Lenses For Orthokeratology

We typically use these special contact lens made by Paragon. This contact lens is called Paragon CRT rigid gas permeable contact lenses. CRT refers to corneal refractive therapy. The Paragon contact lens is a special contact lens designed to reshape the corneal while sleeping at night. The contact lenses are a high oxygen contact lens that is safe to wear overnight.

If you would like to see if you may be a good candidate for corneal reshaping therapy please visit us online at or call us to schedule an eye examination.

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