Eyeglass Maintenance

Eyeglass maintenance is an essential part to prolong the life of your eyeglasses. There are a few simple steps to make sure your eyeglasses look and feel great.

Clean your eyeglasses frequently. Keeping your eyeglasses clean is the best way to maintain your glasses. The eyeglass lenses will last longer. They will not scratch as easily and the eyeglass finish will last longer. Clean eyeglass lenses will also allow you to see much better.

Eyeglass Maintenance Steps

1. Always wash your hands of any dirt, debris or anything else that may cause problems while cleaning your eyeglass lenses.

2. Wash your eyeglasses and lenses under warm water. This will remove any debris on your lenses and eyeglasses.

3. Apply a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent. Make sure that it is lotion free and not abrasive. I use dawn or Joy dishwashing detergent and that works really well.

4. Gently rub both sides of the lenses. You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean the hard to clean areas of your lenses and frames. Always be gentle while cleaning your eyeglass lenses.

5. Rinse your eyeglasses thoroughly. When rinsing your eyeglasses make sure to remove any residual soap. Otherwise they may smudge when you dry them.

6. Dry your eyeglasses with a lint free cloth. Our opticians will provide you with a cleaning cloth. If that is handy a soft cotton cloth will work. Never use any cloth that may be abrasive.

Eyeglass Maintenance should be a daily ritual. You can also use a special lens cleaner for your eyeglasses along with a microfiber cloth. Try not to use anything that is abrasive on your eyeglass lenses. Our eyeglasses are made from high quality materials, they are still at risk of being damaged. When you are not wearing your eyeglasses please keep them in a safe place such as your eyeglass case. Remember regular eyeglass maintenance is essential for the life of your eyeglasses. After cleaning your eyeglasses you will see and feel better. If you have any questions about how or what to clean them with, please give us a call. We are here for all of your eye care needs. We are happy to adjust, clean or replace any portion of your eyeglasses. Please feel free to call or visit our website eyemechanix.com to schedule an eye exam.

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