When is the right time to consider contact lenses for children? This really depends on the child. We must consider their activities, maturity level and vision needs.

Prescribing Contact Lenses for Children

This really depends on the child and the parents. Contact lenses for children requires a good amount of responsibility. There is no correct age we recommend contact lenses for children. Physically children’s eyes can tolerate wearing contact lenses. Some kids start as early as eight years old while others start in their teenage years. We have even fitted contact lenses for children as early as infancy. This can help correct congenital eye problems present at birth.

Your child’s maturity level is more important than their actual age. Every case is different. Many children would rather wear contact lenses than eyeglasses. Studies show that self-esteem in kids is closely related to their appearance. Some kids don’t like the way they look in eyeglasses and can have an affect in school. There are many different types of contact lens for your child. Choosing the correct type can make a difference.

What is the right contact lenses for children

Many of the optometrists recommend starting with a contact lens that is worn for one day. An example is the acuvue one day moist contact lens. They are worn once then thrown away. This makes these contacts a great choice for children, teens and first time wearers of contact lenses. It really depends on what is best for your child’s needs. Make sure to ask us what is the best prescription that is best for your child. This can be a one day contact lens, a two week contact or monthly replacement contact lens. s long as your child follows the cleaning and disinfecting routine they should be successful in wearing contact lenses.

Proper cleaning and disinfecting is critical for contact lens success. We will properly instruct them based on the type of contact lens recommended.

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