Booth and Bruce eyeglasses were born in the 1990’s. They were created by Peter Booth and Jeremy Setton. This eyewear collection was created out of a desire to see an English brand deliver funky, fashionable eyeglass frames. This collection of eyewear is designed for the more forward thinking eyewear connoisseur.

Booth And Bruce Eyeglasses

Since those initial collections back in the 1990’s, Booth and Bruce eyeglasses has grown into the globally recognized brand we know and love today. While keeping its roots firmly grounded in the ethos, and ideals that were there from the start.

A collaboration of urban chic and daring design, mixed with colour schemes to push boundaries. Booth and Bruce eyeglasses will continue to serve eyewear realness on a global scale. Today, by the constant evolution of our designs, Booth and Bruce continues to provide modern, stylish, and ultimately funky eyeglasses to the modern, stylish and funky eyeglass wearer! We currently have the new collection of Booth and Bruce eyewear in our office. 

The collection is very stylish and is timeless. When viewing the collection you will notice bright and brilliant colors fused with a modern design. Their creativity in eyewear design is innovative, urban and a bit daring. Quality design quality materials creates an eyewear collection that is parallel to a much more expensive eyewear collection. They are designed in both acetate(plastic) and metal frames. We are constantly amazed at all of the new creative designs and materials. Here are some of the new amazing sunglass creations by Booth and Bruce.

booth and bruce eyeglasses






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