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Cinzia Designs is a division of Europa International, an eyeglass manufacturer known around the world for high-quality designer eyewear and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Drawing on the unparalleled knowledge acquired as Europa’s Vice President for 30 years, Cinzia Designs was founded in 2002 by Cynthia Shapiro.

As a designer, Cyn thought there should be a more stylish alternative to the reading glasses she found at her local drugstore. A true visionary in the eyewear industry, Cyn is passionate about creating stylish readers, designer sunglasses, sun reading glasses, eyewear necklaces, eyewear cases and other accessories to express one’s personal style.

Today, Cyn continues her prolific creation of unique designer eyewear and fashion accessories for women and men of all ages, presenting two distinctly different collections: Cinzia and Trendies by Cinzia. Each collection reaches new levels of originality with modern eyewear and accessories created for people who are confident in their own skin.

Of course what we’re showing here is just sample of what Cinzia has to offer.  If you like this collection, stop by our retail shop and we would be happy to show you more!

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