Kame ManNen eyeglasses are a sophisticated luxury eyewear brand. Featuring incredible details in each and every pair of eyeglasses. Kame ManNen eyeglasses are known to be one of Japan’s oldest optical designer frame collection. Kame ManNen eyeglasses are manufactured in Sabae Japan.

Kame ManNen Eyeglasses in Lincoln Park

Kame ManNen eyewear at Eye Mechanix in Lincoln Park ChicagoJapan’s oldest original optical frame collection, Kame ManNen was introduced in the late 1940’s. Kame ManNen has stood the test of time by relying on classic and modern shapes that are intricately constructed with only the finest materials. Mr. Kikujiro Kimura introduced Kame ManNen with the goal of creating frames that were of the highest standards and nothing has changed. The name ‘Kame ManNen’ derives from the ancient Japanese proverb which means the frames are meant to last a lifetime. 

The Philosophy is that optical frames are not just tools for vision, but they should reflect your true personality. Kame ManNen eyeglasses are not a product of trend but is based on a classical concept. They are constantly searching for and discovering new technologies and new materials to utilize which maintain a fresh approach.

Kame ManNen eyeglasses at Eye Mechanix in Lincoln Park ChicagoKame ManNen is a collection that is constantly expanding worldwide in select eyewear boutiques. They are consistently working to produce Kame ManNen eyewear that will outlast most other eyewear. Kame ManNen eyeglasses are made from pure titanium. Titanium is known for their high strength, lightweight and exceptional corrosion resistance. Titanium is formidable in its resistance by both water and chemicals. It accomplishes this by forming a thin layer of titanium dioxide on its surface that is extremely difficult for these materials to penetrate. This means any skin oils, sweating should not affect these frames at all.

Eye Mechanix is one of the few places in Chicago that carries this eyewear collection. The meticulous workmanship in each frame is prevalent when such a treasure sits atop your bridge. Quite simply, Kame ManNen are the vanguard of both technology and luxury eyewear.

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