These new eyeglass lenses will help the way in which you can see.

Our Optometrist will determine if this new design is best for your vision. There are many different types of lens designs. The new design is called high definition eyeglass lenses. They are sometimes referred to as digital lenses. This design incorporates the use of computers to help design the lens. High definition eyeglass lenses have a tighter or more exact tolerance across the entire lens. With this new design you should be able to see clearer than a standard manufactured eyeglass lens. When your lenses are made in a high definition lens, they can reduce aberrations. Aberrations affect the way we see. They can cause objects to appear wider or narrower in the top, bottom or middle of an object. Our brain tries to correct these types of aberrations. The Brain has to work harder to see the object more proportioned. This takes more work and thus your eyes may become more fatigued. You may notice this more with a stronger prescription. The higher the astigmatism the more aberrations you may have.

There are many different manufacturers of high-definition eyeglass lenses. These type of lenses are available in single vision, hi-index and multifocal lenses.

Free-Form High Definition Eyeglass Lenses:

This is probably the most popular type of high definition eyeglass lenses. These lenses reduce the effects of aberrations by an advanced manufacturing process. These lenses are also called digital high definition eyeglass lenses. The prescription is optimized with a computer controlled surfacing equipment that yields a more precise finished product. This process takes in consideration how the eye is positioned in front of the eye. This provides the clearest sharpest vision. These digital lenses not only provide clearer vision straight ahead but also in the peripheral part of your vision. There are a number of lens companies that use this process.

High definition lenses are a great choice for anyone that wears eyeglasses. If you have a higher prescription, high definition eyeglass lenses will definitely benefit you more. The stronger your prescription the more difficult it is to correct your vision. If you don’t see as well as you think you should or are bothered by glare or if objects, signs seem distorted, you should try a high definition eyeglass lens. These lenses will cost you more. Due to the cost of manufacturing this type of lens. We think it is well worth the extra cost.

We offer some of the best eyeglass lens solution for your eyeglasses and vision. From computer eyeglasses, single vision lenses and progressive multifocal lenses. The technology we invest reading and learning about sets us apart. If you need an eye exam or are looking for new eyeglasses, please stop in so we can help you select the perfect pair of new spectacles.

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