At Eye Mechanix in Lincoln Park Chicago we carry a large variety of top designer eyeglasses and sunglasses. Our designer eyeglasses are made by independent eyewear designers. This means that they only design eyeglasses made with high quality materials and unique eyewear designs.

Designer Eyeglasses in Lincoln Park

We take pride in our designer eyewear to find the best eyewear collections in the world. Most of our collections are handmade by eyewear artisans. This process of making designer eyeglasses by hand involves many steps. The creation process of making designer eyeglasses represents many years of design history and heritage. Only the finest materials, including celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver and 3.5 microns of gold plating can be found in many of our eyewear collections. We are constantly changing the eyewear styles in each collection and always searching for unique eyewear collections. Here is our list of current designer eyewear collections.

Our Designer Eyeglasses in Lincoln Park

Iyoko Inyake EyewearIyoko Inyake eyewear is known for its inventive and trend setting designs. Various colors and materials are carefully mixed to form exceptional eyeglass frames. This unique eyeglass collection is not only comfortable to wear, but perfectly compliments stylish men and women.

Isson EyewearIsson is a true Australian fashion success story. Continuously wowing international markets at the yearly Milan and Paris trade shows, Isson’s unique optical and sunglass frames are now featured in 29 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Italy. All Isson frames are Australian designed, and handmade using bespoke Italian acetates.

Kame ManNen Eyewear : Kame ManNen features classic and modern shapes that are intricately constructed with only the best materials. Mr. Kikujiro Kimura introduced Kame ManNen in the 1940’s creating eyeglasses that were of the highest standards and nothing has changed. The name ‘Kame ManNen’ derives from the ancient Japanese meaning “Turtle (lives) ten-thousand years”. These eyeglasses are meant to last a lifetime.

OvvO Eyewear : OvvO Optics are very lightweight eyeglass frames manufactured in Germany and Poland. Over the last 11 years OvvO eyewear has been available in the United States. These eyeglass frames are handmade that take an astonishing 65-85 steps to produce one frame. Handmade with fused surgical steel and titanium, OvvO eyeglasses are nearly indestructible and flexible while maintaining a sleek design that compliments any face. OvvO eyewear also has two gorgeous new collections made of wood and nylon materials.

Booth & Bruce EyewearA collaboration of urban chic design, mixed with colour schemes to push boundaries; Booth & Bruce will continue to serve eyewear styles on a global scale. Booth & Bruce continues to provide a modern and stylish eyewear collection to the modern stylish individuals.

Roger Eyewear : Roger Eyewear was founded in 2007 and is based in the Netherlands. The eyewear shapes are unique, the colors are exciting, and the fit is amazing. The Roger eyewear collection is a trendsetting, attract attention, and easily update your wardrobe. Roger eyeglass frames think outside the box with design and color; they are made to make a statement. Each eyeglass frame caters to the eyewear aficionado who wants to complete their outfit beginning with their face.

State Optical Eyewear : State Optical set out to create an American made product that has a luxurious feel and innovative design. Constructed with high quality acetate and German-made hinges, State frames are second to none with comfortably and the all important ‘wow-factor’. We are proud to carry this line of high-end frames made in Chicago; our own backyard!

Destijl EyewearEach eyewear model’s basic design is a search for harmony through the use of lines and right angles. Balancing between the colors underlining the composition. The various elements are combined into an architectural entirety without the use of screws or welding by the hinge. This is the real masterpiece within every De Stijl eyeglass frame. The absence of screws means that the eyeglass temple cannot become loose or wobble. This technological concentration contains a unique ‘flex’ and integrated system in every pair of frames.

Scott Harris EyewearScott Harris is a line that caters to both men and women. Focusing on cutting edge fashion trends while utilizing high quality materials. Scott Harris continues to wow audiences with the hottest styles to compliment your overall look. The eyewear collection is inspired by European designs sought after here in america. The Scott Harris collection is crafted for the individuals who can appreciate the art of eyewear.

Cinzia EyewearAs a designer, Cynthia thought there should be a more stylish alternative to the reading glasses. A true visionary in the eyewear industry, Cynthia is passionate about creating stylish readers, designer sunglasses, sunglasses, eyewear necklaces, eyewear cases and other accessories to express one’s personal style.

Dolabany EyewearThe Dolabany Eyewear collection recreates a retro design. With flashback styling, every eyeglass frame is a perfect balance of quality and style. Dolabany eyeglass frames are handmade with Italian Zyl in a variety of wearable colors. Comfort and fit are always an integral part of the design features of each and every Dolabany eyeglass frame. The entire Dolabany Eyewear Collection has something for everyone possessing distinctive tastes, and seeking a retro style.

Prodesign Eyewear : Prodesign is a Danish brand that is designed by graduates of Aarhaus School of Architects. They rethink the form and function of every eyeglass frame, producing a great look that have the versatility for fitting any face. ProDesign is devoted to creating high synergy between face and the optical frame. They set out to design eyewear that highlights the finest qualities of your face..

Rayban Eyewear : A leader in sun and prescription eyewear Ray-Ban has become a symbol of cool, with a unique cultural relevance worn by people of various backgrounds around the world.

Geek Eyewear : Whether you want to go with a simple, straightforward look or pop of color in your eyeglass frames, Geek has something you’ll like. The “Geek lifestyle” has extended to all areas of pop-culture including fashion, sports, technology, music and entertainment. Geek eyewear has a modern twist on vintage looks as well as junior eyeglass frames to keep everyone on trend.

Michael Ryen Eyewear : Drawing inspiration from the growing market of male baby boomers needing more generous sizes, this designer eyeglass collection targets men looking for more choices in cutting-edge style without sacrificing comfort.


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