Your eye works much like a camera. They both control the amount of light passing thru a lens and into your eyes. You may notice that what you see isn’t exactly like the photo. While they work similarly there are differences.

How The Eye Works And Focuses

Both the eye and a camera control the amount of light being passed through the lens. The amount of light passing into our eyes is controlled by our iris. This is the colored part of our eye. The iris enlarges when we are in less lighted conditions and gets smaller in bright conditions. The aperture is what controls the amount of light entering the camera. Our eye has a lens that changes shape to allow us to focus clearly on an object.

The Lens In Our Eye Is More Flexible Than The Camera

The lens in our eye can flex and change shape. This allows much greater variation in its ability to focus on objects at different distances. This is the major difference between our eyes and a camera. The camera’s lens must move forward and back to focus since it is more rigid. There are many lenses in a camera that allows it to focus on objects to make the picture sharper. his requires multiple lenses. The eye has one lens that does the job of all the camera’s lenses. This is really amazing. Our lens in our eyes must last a lifetime, so please have an annual examination.

Our Eye Merges Multiple Images 

The eye is constantly scanning and moving. You would think this would make us dizzy. Our brain processes all of these images and produces a clear picture. This is very complex but we are very good at tuning out blurry and unwanted images that can produce blurry images. We all have a little blind spot in our eyes but again the brain can compensate for this and we don’t even notice it. Having two eyes definitely helps covering up any blind spot. But a single eye can also do the same. both of our eyes need to work well together. If they are not working together this can cause poor reading and blurry distance vision.

If you notice any part of your visual field missing or blurry vision this can be caused by many things and you should see an Optometrist. We recommend a yearly eye examination. A yearly examination can catch early signs of something going wrong.


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