We are excited to announce we have a new multifocal contact lens that improves both distance and reading vision. This new contact lens is on the leading edge of improving your vision using the brain to see clearly. Our Optometrist is one of the few doctors in Chicago prescribing this new multifocal contact lens.

Multifocal Contact Lens Improves Both Distance And Near Vision

Multifocal contact lenses have always been a challenge to fit and ultimately see clear at distance and near. This multifocal contact lens harness the power of the brain to offer excellent vision at both distance and near without the need for readers. Eye doctors are reporting up to an 85% success rate with this new contact lens. These contact lenses are not for everyone, they have been chosen 4:1 over the other leading multifocal contact lenses. These new contact lenses are a one day disposable, so wear them once and throw them away.

These contact lenses are inspired by advanced camera optics. This exclusive design channels light for clearer distance vision thru the center of the lens. This design significantly improves your depth of focus. The multifocal contact lens uses camera like focusing so you see clearly.

Neurofocus Optics Used In This Multifocal Contact Lens

Neurofocus Optics allows the visual cortex, the part of the brain that is used for vision, to autocorrect your vision. This autocorrect allows what wearers see, optimizing visual clarity and enabling spectacle clarity and provides excellent depth perception. Depth perception is the ability to judge distances. In other multifocal contact lenses there are two vision zones. One zone is for distance vision and the other zone is for reading. This new contact lens design has one vision zone that corrects both distance and reading vision.

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