Contact Lens Care

Contact lens care is really about caring for your eyes. A clean contact lens can mean healthier eyes. There are risks when wearing contact lenses. We highly recommend having a yearly eye examination. Make sure you follow our contact lens care to reduce risks of infections. Millions of people use contact lenses everyday. We use our eyes to see the world more clearly so it’s important to care for them.

Many people don’t care for their contacts properly. This is imperative for clean and healthy contact lenses. Here are instructions for properly handling and caring for your contact lenses.

Wash your hands: Before handling contact lenses, wash your hands. This is the single best thing you can do. Always rinse them well so you don’t leave soap residue on your hands.

Rinse off your contact lenses: Remove the lens from the case and rinse it well. To avoid possible mixing up the contact lenses, take the right lens out first every time.

Inspect the contact lenses. Place the lens on your forefinger to inspect for cleanliness and determine if it’s the right side out.

Inverted contact lens. If the lens is in the right position, the edges will appear almost straight up. If they are inverted the lens will flare out, like a saucer.

Cleaning of your contact lenses. Your contacts must be cleaned after wearing them. Place the contact lens in the palm of your hand, put a drop or two of the cleaning solution and rub both sides. After rubbing them with the solution always rinse the lenses with solution. Make sure you always use the appropriate contact lens cleaning solution.

Clean your case daily. This may seem obvious but alway clean your contact lens case. Always use fresh contact lens solution.

Consult with our Optometrist about Contact Lens Care

Remember contact lens prescriptions expire within one year. Your prescription may change from year to year. At your yearly eye examination our optometrist will renew your prescription and check for any infections or other problems with your eyes. We prescribe all of the most popular brands of contact lenses. We also prescribe custom contacts for astigmatism, multifocal, rigid gas permeable and scleral contact lenses.

Regular visits with our optometrist is important for your eye health. If you have any questions about how to properly care for your contact lenses or want to set up an eye exam, we would love to hear from you. Visit us at to schedule an eye exam. We are here for your total eye care needs.

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