Astigmatism and your Eye

Astigmatism is a refractive error in which light doesn’t focus evenly on the retina. One side of the eye is more curved than the other side. This causes light to be focused in two different areas in the eye. Which causes blurry vision either at distance, near or both. A person can be either near-sighted or far-sighted in combination with astigmatism. You may experience halo’s around lights at night but sometimes during the day. This may also be the cause of headaches, eyestrain and fatigue. Headaches are caused by squinting our eyes while trying to see things clearly.

Astigmatism is corrected in a few different ways. We can correct astigmatism in your eyeglass lenses and also by contact lenses. It depends on the severity that you have. If you don’t have too much then it is pretty easy to correct. If you have a moderate or severe amount then we need to select a certain type of lens.

Astigmatism Corrections


Correcting astigmatism in a pair of eyeglasses is fairly straightforward. We have a variety of options for your eyeglasses. It also depends if you have myopia or hyperopia. These are terms to describe near-sighted or far-sighted. If you have astigmatism but still have difficulty seeing, we have a great solution for you. We have special lenses which are finely fabricated to reduce the effects of astigmatism. These special lenses are really worth it if you are still having trouble with your vision. Please visit us at Eye Mechanix so we can discuss eyeglass lens options and have you seeing your best!

Contact Lenses:

Correcting astigmatism in contact lenses can be a bit more challenging. Minor astigmatism corrections are fairly straight forward. They do require some skill at perfecting your vision and comfort. If you have more than a moderate amount this definitely requires more time, effort and skill. Fortunately todays contact lenses provide better vision and comfort. We have a vast array of different contact lenses options available. We can choose between more different types of materials whether it be a soft contact lens or a rigid gas permeable contact lens. Please visit our website or call us to schedule an eye examination.

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