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At Eye Mechanix the goal of our comprehensive eye examinations is to improve your vision and maintain the health of your eyes. We deliver a quality eye examination and take the time to explain our tests and any findings while administering the examination.

We do prefer to dilate your eyes, whether at the initial exam or at a later date. The dilation drops cause your pupils to increase in size, giving the doctor the ability to look at and examine the peripheral areas of the eyes. While your pupils are dilated, we can see areas like the lens, optic nerve, macula and identify the development of conditions like cataracts and other conditions, effecting the retina. We recommend having your eyes dilated as part of your routine eye exam once a year.

Eye exams are performed with the most advanced technology from electronic medical records that you can log into from your computer to instruments sending your prescription information digitally avoiding transcription errors, and saving time. We have invested in the latest technology with the most respected manufacturers to give you an advanced and reliable examination of your vision, function and ocular health.

Having a fine-tuned prescription is important but we follow that up with using the most advanced technology in lens fabrication.  We make sure the lenses we prescribe will be made with exclusive personalized measurements just for you. Your eyes are unique to you and our technology enhances your vision way beyond standard eyeglass lenses. We take into account the angle you hold your head, the degree your eyes and head rotate to look around and the way your specific frame fits on your face.  Every angle, dimension and distance that can be measured will be taken.

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