Focusing on Smartphones

Smartphones and technology have progressed in the last few years. Everyone seems to be using these smaller devices over desktop computers. I know I use my smartphone almost as much as my computer. The convenience of a smartphone or iPad are great ways to stay in touch, check emails and Facebook. Most people hold their handheld devices right in front of their eyes and viewing like this can really be a strain on your vision.

In my Eye Care Center I see just about everyone using their smartphones either to look up old prescriptions or just while they are waiting. Viewing such small text and images can come with a price for extended amount of time. I know a lot of my patients tell me they have eye strain while viewing such devices. It’s harder to focus properly. Part of the problem is that since they are so small we tend to hold them closer than we normally would. This causes our accommodative system or focusing power to work harder with the increased demand. Sooner or later this will lead to eyestrain and headaches. Also in my previous blog about dry eyes, this also reduces the times we blink which will cause dryer eyes and thus reduce your vision, which makes you focus even harder.

To help with the strain we recommend that you hold the phone further away. Enlarge the text so you can still read it. Take a little time away from your smartphones, especially if you have been using it for longer time periods.  If you still experience focusing problems or any headaches, you might need eyeglasses. This may be caused by astigmatism or accommodative problems. I think everyone should have an eye exam once a year, especially if there is any family history of eye diseases. So take care of your eyes and vision, we are here to help you with any questions. Please visit us at our Eye Care Center and schedule an eye exam with our Optometrist.

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