We are entering the time when your children are playing more sports. They need safety sport glasses when playing baseball, soccer and basketball to protect their eyes. We have a great collection of safety sport glasses.

Safety Sport Glasses For Children And Adults

We have the Liberty safety sport glasses for children and adults. Giving a wide range of variety they can be made to fit underneath a helmet or any other sport equipment. Liberty safety sport glasses have been in production for nearly a century. They have been producing superior frames and lenses to handle the rigors of any sport. Built to perform under demanding conditions, their products set the standard for sports eyewear. They have certified sports impact protection to innovative sun technology. their commitment to research and innovation is unrivaled. It is evident in every product they produce.

All Liberty sport protective eyewear is designed to handle most prescriptions. Our safety sport glasses will accommodate even the most demanding prescriptions. The advanced rim design allows for this wide range in prescriptions. They have a molded padding which provides grip, comfort and a durable long lasting protection. Liberty sport eyewear practically invented the concept of protective eyewear. The lenses have a thermally curved anti-fog treatment that promotes clear and fog free vision. The polarizing film increases contrast yet reduces glare. From frames to lenses they are the ultimate source for prescription sports eyewear.

There are many optics and designs of these safety sport glasses. You can have a removable lens insert that houses your prescription lenses but you can also remove them if you are wearing contacts. This allows you to have sunglasses or clear lens for protection.

Liberty sport invented the autofit bridge. This is the nose piece that will automatically customizes to the shape of your bridge. The nose piece is made of a soft, hypoallergenic and water resistant thermoplastic rubber. This allows amazing comfort, grip and durability. The dual channel nose-pad bridge design helps increase airflow and also prevents moisture buildup on the inside of your lenses. Here are just a few examples of the Liberty safety sport glasses.

safety sport glass eye mechanix

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