The obvious sign that you need new eyeglasses is your vision is blurry. If you have frequent headaches or are squinting a lot, it may be time to get new eyeglasses. Approximately half of the united states wears a form of vision correction. Much of the population doesn’t even know that they need eyeglasses. They may also be avoiding going to see the Optometrist.

Your vision can change over time. You may have had great vision all these years and think why do I need glasses now. It’s because your vision changes over time. I tell my patients that their family and friends need to have an eye exam at least every year. Even if nothing seems wrong they still should have the health of their eyes checked. It is a preventative health examination. When we examine your eyes we can detect a lot of other general health problems. Problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and higher cholesterol levels. We need to maintain the health of our eyes so that they function properly. The best way to do that is scheduling a yearly eye examination with our Optometrist.

Signs That You Need New Eyeglasses

Frequent Headaches: Headaches can come and go but if they become frequent, have an eye examination to see if you need new glasses.

Blurry Vision: This is a obvious sign. It may be blurry at distance or at near then have an eye exam.

Double Vision: This may be indicate a number of things and you should have an eye exam right away.

Difficulty seeing at night: This might indicate a mild vision problem but can be something more serious.

Eye Strain or Fatigue: Either at distance, reading or on a computer for a while.

Squinting: This is one of the first signs that you may need new eyeglasses.

Difficultly changing from light to dark conditions: This can be something as simple as needing new eyeglasses. This could be a condition that is more serious.

You see Halo’s around lights: This can be nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

These are some of the most common signs that you may need new eyeglasses. It may not mean that you have poor vision. If you have any of these signs it might be a good idea to schedule an eye exam. We are here for all of your eye care needs. Schedule an eye exam at with our Optometrist in Lincoln park.

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