Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses are what most people call hard contact lenses. They may also be referred to as rigid gas permeable contact lenses. They have evolved a lot since they first were invented in the 60’s. The old type of hard lenses were called Pmma. These were very small and didn’t provide much oxygen to the cornea. The new gas permeable contacts are durable, long-lasting, easy to handle and are great for stronger prescriptions. They transmit large amounts of oxygen to the eye. Since they don’t contain water they resist deposits and are less likely to contain bacteria. They can correct for astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, keratoconus and many other conditions. They are many different types and brands of gas permeable contact lenses. Our optometrist in Lincoln Park is an expert at fitting them. Gas permeable are custom-made for each individual. Our optometrist will measure the curvature of your eye, size and prescription for your new lenses. Gas permeable contacts can come in different colors. Not that they change the color of your eyes, although the brilliant blue lens can change lighter colored eyes. The color helps to find them if you drop them. We can also order them in different colors so you can tell which one is the right or left eye. There have been many advances in manufacturing of gas permeable lenses. Now they are made thinner, larger and with smoother edges than before. All of these changes provide a better fitting, clearer vision and more comfort.

Some people think that soft contact lenses are more comfortable than gas permeable contacts. That really is not true. There are benefits to both soft contacts and gas permeable contact lenses. Soft contact lenses do provide better initial comfort, while a gas permeable requires a brief period of adjustment. This is due to the size of the lens rather than the material. Gas permeable lenses are smaller, as a result you will initially notice them more. Speaking of material, we have found a brand new gas permeable contact lens material that is really comfortable. This new contact lens is also more comfortable throughout the day. We custom order all of our gas permeable contacts from all of our tests and specifications.

Gas permeable Contact Lenses Advantages

Gas permeable material offers very high oxygen to the eye. They have better optics, especially for stronger prescriptions. Gas permeable contacts are stiffer than a soft contact lens, so they can provide shaper vision. They are great if you have dryer eyes, since they don’t hold any water, very durable and resist deposits. Gas permeable lenses are less expensive to maintain over the life of the lens.

Single Vision Gas Permeable Contact lenses

There are many different types of these contact lenses. Depending on your eyes and prescription, we can find the most comfortable feeling gas permeable for you. If you have a small amount of astigmatism, tears fill in behind the lens to correct for some astigmatism. If you have a stronger prescription we can order a thinner lens. This makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear. If you like the comfort of a soft lens but the vision of a gas permeable contact lens, we can order a hybrid gas permeable lens. This lens is half soft and half gas permeable.

Astigmatism Gas permeable Contact Lenses

We also call this type a toric gas permeable lens. There are three different types of toric gas permeable lenses. A back toric, front toric and bi-toric gas permeable lens. The type depends on the shape of your eye and your prescription. This a great option for those that have a higher astigmatism correction. We can also order this lens in a variety of materials and options.

Multifocal Gas permeable Contact Lenses

Multifocal gas permeable lens come in a variety of options and designs. Our contact lab is constantly updating us with new products and designs. We always use gas permeable designers/consultants when ordering this type of contact lenses. We have had great success in fitting multifocal contact lenses.

Scleral Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

This contact lens is a large contact lens that rest on the sclera. It vaults over the cornea and fills behind the lens with tears. This lens is designed to treat a variety of eye conditions. Some of these conditions are dry eye syndrome, keratoconus, corneal ectasia, and post lasik complications. They are also great for higher order aberrations, post corneal transplants, and a variety of corneal disorders. A scleral lens is also a great option for people who are too corneal sensitive to other smaller lenses. This design is a high oxygen gas permeable contact lens.

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