Preparing for your eye exam at Eye Mechanix is more than just having you read some letters on the eye chart. It is important to take advantage of each and every eye exam. We take the time to explain our tests and any findings after the eye examination. The goal of our eye exam is to improve your vision and maintain the health of your eyes.

Preparing for your next Eye Exam at Eye Mechanix

For most people you only see your optometrist once or twice a year. We want to answer all of your questions and address any concerns about your eyes or vision. Make sure you write down any questions about your eyes or vision now or in the past. We know that it may not be easy to remember any questions you have for our optometrist. Please bring in any eyeglasses you have and any contact lenses you are currently wearing. Please write down or tell us any medical conditions and any medications you are on. Let us know if you think your vision has changed since your last eye examination. If you have a family history of any eye diseases please let us know. Let us know if you think your vision has changed since your last eye examination. Are you experiencing any blurry vision, floaters or flashes of light.

When our optometrist looks into your eyes, he can see other signs of other general health conditions. We can detect if you have high blood pressure and diabetes. These are just a couple of health conditions we can detect during our eye exam.

Our experienced staff of over 40 years combined, are passionate about serving all of our patients. The health, comfort and satisfaction of all our patients is paramount. Dr. Ricketts has a commitment to developing the highest quality care for his patients and ensuring you have the most technologically advanced solutions for all of your eye care needs. Please schedule an eye exam at or just give us a call.

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