Floaters and Spots in your Vision

Have you ever noticed floaters or spots in your vision? Floaters are those elusive little specks, cobweb, hair like spots and move around in your vision. While they can be a nuisance they are usually harmless and very common. These arise from a structure in the eye called the vitreous. This is a gel like substance that over time will dissolve and then becomes more liquid. The spots or floaters that you see are the undissolved particles of the vitreous. These particles float around in the eye and can be any shape or size. You will notice more of these on bright sunny days or against a white background. They either float in your visual line of sight or cast a shadow on the retina.

Noticing a few of these spots are usually normal. The vitreous will usually at some point detach itself from the retina. This is normal. So when are these spots or floaters a concern? If you see a lot of these floaters all of a sudden and if you experience flashing of light you should have an eye exam with our Optometrist. If the vitreous pulls the retina off when it detaches then this could be sight threatening. This could be a sign of the retina detaching. The retina is the neuro-sensory layer in the eye. The retina needs to be attached to the other layers in the eye. If it detaches it looses its vital blood supply to function normally. It may completely detach or just tear. When the retina tears the vitreous can enter the tear and push the retina further from its blood supply. This is an ocular emergency and you need an eye exam right away.

Fortunately most vitreous detachments do not cause retinal detachments. There are treatments for retinal detachments and tears. If you have floaters you should have an eye exam.. There are treatments for floaters if they are visually significant. If you have any of these symptoms please give us a call at our Eye Care Center to schedule an eye exam with our Optometrist at EyeMechanix.

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