Digital Eye Strain

What can be done about eye strain especially working on a computer? Everyone uses a computer, smart phone, iPad and various other electronic devices. All of these can cause digital eye strain and general eye fatigue. I have experienced this in the past and after dealing with it for a while i finally had to address this eye strain. Working on these devices can cause muscle strains as well. You are at risk for burning red eyes, stiff neck, headaches and many other symptoms that cause eye strain. Increasing the size of your font will work for a while and you may have to continue this way but a few tips and suggestions may alleviate these symptoms and increase productivity.

Eye Strain

Eye Strain

An updated prescription in your glasses from your Optometrist or Eye Doctor is all you may need but also there are different types of lenses that can reduce eye strain. If you wear bifocals or progressive multifocal lenses make sure your head isn’t tilted back while viewing the computer. This will cause neck strain, so adjust your chair higher or lower your computer so the top is below your nose if possible. If this isn’t working well then invest in a computer or occupational pair of glasses. Computer glasses can make all the difference. I use of pair of computer eyeglasses and they made such a difference in my computer and reading performance. Face your computer directly in front of you to avoid twisting your neck. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position with your arm horizontal to the ground and you’re not leaning forward. Always get an anti-reflective coating on your eyeglass lenses, This will reduce the glare of eye strain. Adjust the lighting in the room to match the brightness of your screen. Bright sunlight shining on your computer screen will cause some glare. Take a break from viewing your screen at least every hour and look at a distance of more than ten feet. This will relax your accommodation system that focuses up close. If you wear contact lenses and are experiencing symptoms of dry eyes then use artificial tears that work well with contact lenses.

Using some of these suggestions may alleviate or at least reduce some of the symptoms of muscle or eye strain. Please give us a call here at our Eye Care Center EyeMechanix to schedule an eye exam or stop in to update your prescription so we can help you with eye strain.

Schedule an appointment today with our Lincoln Park Eye Doctor and SEE the difference!


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