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Great students generally have better eyesight, thus children’s eye exams are very important.  When your child is seeing the way they should, they are learning. As much as 80% of learning is using the visual system. Imagine how much you use your eyes everyday. Childhood years are the most important learning and developing period. Vision is about more than just seeing clearly. It’s the ability to understand and respond to what they are seeing. Vision, reading and learning are directly related. Their eyesight is important to developing strong problem-solving skills that they will use their whole lives.

Children’s eye exams should be performed once a year, just like adults. Research shows that over 20% of children have vision problems and thus need some form of vision correction. An annual eye exam is just as important as a visit to the pediatrician. Children with uncorrected vision problems can face many academic challenges. Also social interactions and sports may be more difficult. History of family eye problems can affect your child’s eyes and vision.

Early detection of your child’s vision problem is vital because children are generally more responsive to treatment when they are diagnosed early. The sooner your child is diagnosed with any vision problem the better good eyesight will be for near vision, distance vision, binocular vision, eye movement skills and hand-eye coordination. Our Optometrist can help identify any vision problems before they affect your child’s learning ability.

Signs and symptoms of vision problems in children

Even if you or your child doesn’t notice any vision-learning related problems, pay attention to any signs or symptoms they may have. Here are some things to look for with your child. If your child is rubbing their eyes, excessive blinking, failure to maintain good eye contact, cannot maintain fixation while looking at an object, poor eye tracking skills, turns their head a lot while looking at pictures or words and pushing a book away from them.

Our children’s eye exam will include a case history of any general health problems and family history. Vision screening results from school are very helpful. We will do vision acuity testing, determination whether eyeglasses are needed, eye alignment, eye health results and if needed a prescription for eyeglasses.

Remember that any appropriate vision testing is vital so your child has the vision skills they need to perform well in school. Please call our office or schedule an eye exam online at with our Optometrist.

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