State Optical Eyewear

State Optical Eyewear is one of the first chicago based american made luxury eyewear founded in 2014. State Optical was started by two cousins who believed in “Made in America” is more than just a label. It’s a state of mind. State Optical Eyewear is designed by an optometrist and pre-eminent american eyewear designer. This luxury eyewear is meticulously handcrafted and a genuine expression of one’s personal style and distinct personality. They are designed to be every bit as substantive, captivating and original as the people who wear them. Every piece of state optical eyewear is crafted for those individuals who appreciate how your frame is constructed is as important as how it enhances the features of your face. The colors and structures are chosen specifically to enhance the silhouettes that flatter your face.

Manufactured in Vernon hills Illinois and materials imported from Italy, this eyewear collection is making a statement in the world of great designers.The attention to detail, geometries and ergonomics is a characteristic of an american luxury product. A pyramid of 21 individually drilled holes is a mark of authenticity. The mark of authenticity is a nod to our origins in Illinois, the 21st state. The barrel hinges that connects each piece is locked into place that offers robust support and prevents easy loosening. There is no other hinge like this in the world. Design and engineering work in harmony throughout every pair of state optical eyewear. The soul of each eyeglass frame is made thru hours of hand polishing and beveling. Made in America etched on every pair of eyeglasses, is more than a mark….It’s who we are! Come preview this collection and own a piece of American Craftmanship. Schedule your next eye exam with our optometrist at We are here for your total eyecare needs.

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